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Your Source for Engineered Plastic Molding and Tooling

RAM Inc.

     Research Advanced Methods, dba, RAM Inc. is a woman owned, christian oriented business located on 51 acres in a 39,700 square foot facility on the outskirts of Cisco, TX. RAM is a custom injection molder of engineered thermoplastics.  RAM's molding machines are specifically designed for high temperature thermoplastics.  Additional services performed in the facility are precision machining, vacuum forming, foam molding, compression molding, sonic welding and assembly.  We are experts at converting metal to plastic improving repeatability, decreasing weight, and reducing the cost for production to name a few.  RAM's facility contains fully equipped machine shop, quality control department, engineering department, and injection molding machines.  The machine shop is capable of producing all customer molds and any rework of tooling.  Short run, R&D and production take place at RAM.  RAM is centrally located on I-20 in Cisco, TX - a SBA Certified Hub Zone between Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and Abilene.  Overhead expenses are consistent with a small town.   Small town pride, family atmosphere,dedicated experienced employees, Christian values and open communications are just some of the things that have made RAM Inc the success it is today.

Specialist in High Temperature Thermoplastics

     RAM's years of expertise in working with engineered polymers give us the edge when it comes to helping you find the right material to fit your application.  When it comes to weight, temperature, wear, or electrical properties, RAM specializes in molded thermoplastics which offer combinations of advantages most other materials can't match.  Our ability to combine the inherent qualities of the polymer with the injection molding precision of RAM craftsmen enable you to consider thermoplastics in areas where more expensive or exotic materials may have been your only option in the past.  Because RAM offers turnkey prototyping, the time frames for research and development are greatly reduced.

Expertise and Equipment to Meet Your Needs

     RAM has injection molding equipment to meet a wide range of needs with shot capacities ranging from our smallest 60 ton machine to our largest 750 ton machine.  RAM is equipped to mold a tremendous variety of part sizes and materials.  All of our mold machines are designed to handle high temperature engineered thermoplastics with melt temperatures to 850 degrees F and mold temperatures to 450 degrees F.  The equipment and techniques will ensure the quality of the parts on a consistent basis.


Specializing in Molding the Following:

Thermoplastic Polymide.....TPI
Polyphenyline Sulfide.....
Nylon and other Thermoplastics
Carbon / Glass Filler
EMI Shielding and Much More

Full Service Design & Support Services: 

-Metal to Plastic Transitions
-R&D and Prototype Molds
-Expert Plastic Selection
-Short & Production Runs
-Secondary Operations
-Lot Traceabilty
-Superior Quality and Inspection

     AS 9100 Certified           

Lean Manufacturer           

ITAR Certified            

ISO 9001 

Lockheed Martin Patriot Advanced Capability (PAC3) uses 5 Long Glass
    Fiber Reinforced Nylon Parts and 1 Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Controls GMLRS (Guided Multiple Launch -
 Rocket System)  contains 5 Nylon and 3 Polycarbonate Parts

Parker Hannifin - Javelin utilizes 4 PEEK Carbon, TFE and Silicone
    Reinforced Parts

Bell Helicopter 407 Aircraft contains 2 PEEK Carbon, TFE and Silicone -
Reinforced Parts

  - Bell Helicopter 412 Aircraft uses 2 PEEK Carbon, TFE and Silicone
    Reinforced Parts

Bell Helicopter V-22 901 50 + Parts Resins are: PEEK Formulations,            -
Nylatron GS, GS51, & Nylon Fiber Reinforced


Lockheed Martin Aeronautics F-22, uses 28 Titanium and Aluminum Machined
    Parts and Polyphthalamide Molded Components

Lockheed Martin Marietta C-5M RERP contains 30 + Aluminum 7075 and -
Stainless Steel Machined Components

(All Product Names are Trademarks of Their Respective Companies)